Miller, Dawn

Dawn Miller

I am originally from Milwaukee, WI and relocated to Texas 13 years ago.  I attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA where I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Language and Literature.  I received an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and I am currently working on a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Northcentral University. I am entering my 3rd year with DeSoto ISD, all of which have been at West.  

At West we create scholars but this cannot be done without the support from you as well as your student.  Encourage and support their success by ensuring they complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability.

                                                                   Classroom Supplies

            Students must bring their notebook (3-Subject Notebook that is separate from other subjects), folder, dry erase markers and pencils to class each day. 

The following materials will be needed to be successful in my classroom:


1.            2 3-Subject Notebooks

2.            1 pack of pencils

3.            4 Dry eraser markers

4.            1 box of tissues (optional)

5.            Hand sanitizer (optional)