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Penda Learning

Penda Learning is a leading provider of highly engaging FREE online Math &  Science content for grades 4–10 built on a gaming platform. Penda aligns activities (including real world activites) to the curriculum, which creates an opportunity for more time on task and additional independent practice that’s critical for student success. There are statistically significant relationships between a student’s use of Penda and their subsequent test performance in both Math and Science . 

Learn Zillion

LearnZillion is a website that provides teachers and parents with Math and English Language video lessons showing what your student needs to learn each year.  The lessons include a 3-5 minute long lesson video, downloadable slides, and other resources for practice and assessment. offers a FREE and growing set of resources for grades 2-12 that have been developed by expert teachers directly from the Common Core State Standards. 

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006  to provide a FREE, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Its website features thousands of educational resources, including a personalized learning dashboard, over 100,000 practice problems, and over 6,000 micro lectures via video tutorials stored All resources are available for free to anyone around the world. By 2013, they were used by about 10 million students per month. 

Virtual Nerd


In early 2008 an expert tutor and a designer began exploring the use of interconnected instructional videos to help confused math students. Virtual Nerd's technology and expansive library of instructional content is now available as a FREE service to millions of teachers and students around the world.  Virtual Nerd was originally developed as a supplemental learning resource for teachers and students, with a focus on middle school and high school mathematics.