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My name is Ms. Perkins, I am thrilled to be teaching your 6th and/or 7th grader this year.  I recently moved to DeSoto from Arkansas.  Learning new students and a new city is a welcomed challenge.  I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Speech Communication and a MA in Management and Leadership.  I bring to the classroom my Corporate America experience; therefore, making sure every one of my students excel (in life) is my desire.  If my students do not perform at their highest potential, then I am not serving my purpose.  This concept is approached by incorporating accountability, responsibility, and respect into my classroom.  I have an "old school" mentality with a "new school" approach.  I want every child that enters my classroom to feel like the only child in my room.  

I still believe that it takes a village to raise a family, with that said I encourage PARENT INVOLVEMENT.  I respond to emails as soon as I can.  Open communication sits on my right side with effective listening on my left.  My goal is not to be my student's friend, but one of their biggest fans.  I want them to be successful, not just in my classroom, but in the world.

My teaching style is to reach all of my students exactly where they are.  It is my belief that if parents and teachers create a united front our kids will not fall through the cracks.  I send home Weekly Wake ups each week for parents to sign, this is so that we all can know what is taking place with your child.  If I do not get it back signed by a parent, I will call.  Students have to read for 30 minutes a night and write 2-3 sentences explaining what they read.  

Below is my syllabus


Greeting! My name is Ms. Perkins​. I am looking forward teaching your child(ren) this year!

To my students, in this class, you will study English Language Arts/ Reading through various literary texts and writing acquisition.  Your efforts and attitude will secure your success.  You can relax, you are going to have a great year in this class.       


Contact Info:  Available M-F  9:45am to 10:30 am or M-F 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm must schedule an appointment.


Classroom Rules


  1. Show Respect to everyone in the class (school).Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Do not talk while someone else is talking.
  4. Come to class with all needed materials.
  5. When in doubt always ask questions!There are no dumb questions.
  6. Respect others feelings.
  7. Attempt to answer a question or problem, before asking a question.
  8. Return all borrowed items
  9. Come to class on time.
  10. Listen to instructions.


 Classroom Procedures


Start of Period: ​Enter classroom respectfully.  Clear desk and put personal items underneath.  Get out pencil/pen and 3 subject notebooks for bell ringer and composition for journal writing.  Begin warm-up posted on whiteboard or projector.  

End of Period: ​Wait in seat to be verbally dismissed by teacher, not by the bell.

Classroom Pencils/Pens, Tools & Materials:

Feel free to use all materials on student shelves and desk near the door. 

Put all borrowed materials back when you are finished.  

Pencils/pens, tissue, hand sanitizer are on my desk.  Books are in the back bookshelf for checkout (see library monitor) tape, stapler, colored pens, markers, paper, envelopes, cards, etc. per request.

Turning in Assignments/Homework: Wait for the person that is assigned to take up documents. ​ Homework is due at the beginning of class.  If it is not turned in no credit will be given.  Homework should be completed at home not in class.

 Texting, Phones & Electronics: Turn phones on silent and put away out of sight before class begins.  Also ​put earbuds away out of sight.  

Beverage & Food: Put away all beverages other than a bottle of H20.  No food/beverages allowed in​class unless out of sight.  

Garbage: If there is a piece of garbage on the floor, regardless if it is yours, please throw it away – it​ blesses others.  Before you leave the classroom, check around your seat to make sure there is no trash on the floor.  

Clothing & Backpack: Hoodies off upon entering class.  Follow DeSoto ISD uniform policy.  Shirts must be​  tucked in.   Backpacks must be clear.

Academic Integrity: All your work will contain your own original ideas/words, or others’ ideas/words​with full citations; MLA citations are preferable.  Any potential incident of plagiarism, representing someone else’s ideas/writing as your own, will be pursued thoroughly according to school policy and the assignment will receive a zero.  

 Grading:​ Grades are based on the completion of daily assignments, homework, and quality of writing, projects and tests.  Scoring guides will be provided for quality work grades.  Grades can be accessed at any time online through Skyward.  Grades will be updated in a consistent timely manner.  


A grade will be assigned based on the grading scale below:


93% - 100% = A 87% = B+ 77% = C+

90% = A- 83% = B 73% = C

80% = B- 70% = C-


Homework & Late Work

67% = D+

60% = D

59% and below = F

All assignments are due in class on the dates assigned.  ​Assignments turned in late will lose 30%.​  It is your responsibility to check the past work bin for the day that you were absent. ​    

Assignments accepted during school hours, not via email.  Schedule make-up tests or extra help during lunch or after school.  If you need an extension, ask ahead of time.   

Homework or missing work with the correct heading will be turned into the turn in bin on my desk according to class color (1/2 period BLUE, 4/5 period GREEN, 6 period BLACK, and 7/8 period SILVER) at the beginning of class.  Graded work will be returned via the filing folder with your name on it.  Grading folder checks will be done in class every week or two.

Required Books

ELAR The Lighting Thief

Pre-Ap ELAR The Lighting Thief

Required Supplies

Index Cards

Composition Notebook

3 Subject Notebook


 Class Schedule

Bell ringers (10 mins)

Share (5 min)

Journal writing (10 mins)

Share (5 mins)

Direct lesson (15 mins) Guided lesson (5 mins)

Tutoring is on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4 to 5

Also I have a girl's program called Geneva's Rose.  If you are interested in a young lady learning about mentorship, leadership, empowerment, and sisterhood.  Please email me.  

It is the time you have spent on your rose that makes her so important.    


Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Ms. Perkins
DeSoto West Middle School

English Language Arts – 6th Grade 

Welcome!  Welcome to another great school year.  My name is Ms. Perkins. I am looking forward to being your teacher this year!

Ms. Perkins
DeSoto West Middle School

English Language Arts – 6th Grade 

Welcome!  Welcome to another great school year.  My name is Ms. Perkins. I am looking forward to being your teacher this year!


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